Things Unseen

Content Note: Death. 

This piece has been difficult for me to do. Living with the grief of losing loved ones is almost unbearable. I have spent many nights crying out to Creator in the moonlight while my tears and prayers fall on seemingly deaf ears. Though I chose to believe that Creator hears me, that the moon is his witness to the pain. For that reason I choose to depict the Moon as a weeping Ancestor figure in my artwork.

This piece in particular is for the findings of the children, and the continued overdose crisis which plagues my East Van community. So I chose twelve skulls to represent the twelve provinces, and the twelve months of the year. To show that these deaths are everywhere, and ongoing. While on the surface these Children, and Individuals, may have died in the shadows, buried with no respect, and become just a number in horrific statistics. I choose to believe that Creator sees them.. us.. and weeps for his children and alongside those left to carry the grief.

This canvas is circular and is roughly 30 inches x 30 inches. 

  • Things Unseen
  • Randall Bear Barnetson
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